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Our story defines us-it's up to you what that definition looks like!

IfFitsWell will help define you!


My life with fitness began when I was in elementary school, playing basketball with the boys & attending practices and sporting events of my brothers’. Most of the travel we did as a family was based around soccer and baseball tournaments, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I continued playing basketball into junior high and managing all the sports teams of the school.


My life with personal training began when my aunt bought me my first gym membership at 15-years-old, which I ended up getting for free by the next month, cleaning equipment for the gym. I then began working with the personal training team there, teaching “how to use the equipment” classes. This exposure to the gym environment continued through high school, as an intern, and into college as I studied Kinesiology with a concentration in Sports & Fitness Management. I graduated in 2007 with a B.A., Magna Cum Lade. Upon graduation, I continued in the gym industry, breaking ground of the biggest gym to come to town as their personal trainer. For years to come, I continued to personal train for gyms, in addition to gym management and sales. In 2015, I branched out on my own, became my own boss, and I have run my own personal training business since; providing clients with natural health for body and mind, through exercise, clean nutrition and supplementation, and therapies.

Although, my life with health began only 5 years ago. Interesting how I was always in the fitness industry, but never “into health.” What I mean by this, is I have also had a past with mental health and substance abuse in-order to self-medicate my mental aliments. You see, I was never aware I suffered from anxiety, depression and ADHD until later in my life, after I had thrown my life away to drugs and alcohol in order to coop and “survive.” I had no knowledge of what my mental health had done to me until I hit one of my many rock bottoms 5 years ago. This time, my newfound therapist friend introduced me to LENS & Healy frequency therapies. This therapy was the first time in my life that I experienced the release of alcohol & drugs from me; the first time I felt the need that I DIDN’T need the substances. I began weaning myself off prescribed medications I had been wrongly prescribed for almost 20 years; medications that almost took my life! I also began to realize why I always loved working out-it was for my mental health! I have worked out at least 5 days a week since I was 15 to relieve my mental anxieties, depression and ADHD; my healthy appearance and insides are just the un-denying, positive side effect of the exercise.  


In addition to the frequency therapies, EMDR therapy, clean nutrition and supplementation, continual exercise, and the practice of grounding, I have been medication and drug free for 5 years now. Because of my trials & tribulations with substance abuse and self-medicating before I became educated, I now can use my story to help others, maybe even life-saving. I know my life was saved 5 years ago, and I know yours can be too! You’ve just got to want it for yourself, though, want if enough that you’re willing to try something you never have! And, don’t stop exercising!

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